SA Stephen Pratt

We have the opportunity to make a difference for children around the world and especially for the children of one of our colleagues. Stephen Pratt has been with our company for 7 years and has two sons, Luke (age 5) and Jack (age 2) who were born with a rare genetic disease called “WWOX related epileptic encephalopathy” or WOREE syndrome.

Scientists have found a gene therapy treatment that may cure this disease and we are working to help raise funding needed to complete the vital preclinical research, laboratory trials, and other associated expenses. If all goes well, in the next couple of years, Luke, Jack, and many more kids from around the world will take part in this trial.

Please consider joining us as we support Stephen and his wife, Karen, in this incredible scientific and potentially lifesaving work for their boys and many other children.

There are two ways to you can donate:
Directly on the organization’s website:
Or, on the GoFundMe page:

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