Kaizen Convention 2020

In 2020, the venue for the Kaizen Convention was certainly a departure from previous years.  Even though the arrival of COVID-19 dictated a virtual platform, the hard work and dedication shown by the organizers and participants helped to make the November 4-5 convention a success!  Eight teams from SEKISUI sites throughout North America, including one from Australia, delivered timed presentations about their 2020 Kaizen projects.  Due to the detail and complexity of the presentations, they were judged both in advance and during delivery.  A question and answer period followed each presentation.  A judge from each SAC location assessed each presentation (except their own) using a standardized score sheet that required numerical scores based on how well each project satisfied the 16 competition guidelines.

The 2020 Kaizen Project Presentation Judges:

  • SEKISUI S-Lec America, Christopher Sellers
  • SEKISUI Diagnostics, Eugene Howatt
  • SEKISUI Specialty Chemicals, Jeffrey Thompson
  • SEKISUI Rib-Loc Australia, Shaun Melville
  • SEKISUI KYDEX, Jeff Humenick
  • SEKISUI Specialty Chemicals, Drew Olson
  • SEKISUI S-Lec Mexico, Eduardo Estudillo
  • SEKISUI Voltek, Doug Sands

This 2020 Kaizen Project Presentation Winners:

Gold: The Belt Boosters from SEKISUI Specialty Chemicals America (SSCA) in Pasadena, TX. Project: Reducing Mechanical Failure Durability Rate by Improving Reliability of the Belt Saponifier

Silver: The Detergent A Team from SEKISUI Diagnostics in Charlottetown PEI, Canada. Project: Decrease Process Time of Detergent A Formulation by 20% in FY2020

Bronze: The OMGs from SEKISUI S-Lec America (SSA) in Winchester, KY. Project: Reducing the Environmental and Financial Impact of Core Waste

  • Competitors from other sites:
    SEKISUI RibLoc Australia – Labour Cost Reduction
  • SEKISUI KYDEX from Bloomsburg,  PA – Reduce Sheet Wave in KYDEX T material
  • SEKISUI Specialty Chemicals from Calvert City, KY – Zone Store Improvements of Operations & Availability
  • SEKISUI S-Lec Mexico – Reduce class 11 rolls / Blocked rolls / Qty rejected rolls / L3 & L2
  • SEKISUI Voltek from Coldwater, MI – Increase Uptime on E12