Finance: Managing Effective Funding Practices and Investment Activities

Located in our cooperative administrative office, our team of financial specialists is responsible for managing and overseeing the accounting operations of the 10 Groups that service the North American region. These Groups ensure that financial activities conform to the guidelines and principles established by our parent company. In addition, our finance team serves as a liaison between the North American subsidiaries, executive management, and SEKISUI Chemical Group in Japan, overseeing funding and investment endeavors in the United States.

They are tasked with managing mid- and long-term financial goals for our entire organization, the preparation of our consolidated corporate income tax filings for our Group companies in North America, and controlling treasury transactions. They also ensure that we raise the level of our working capital and receive the highest rate of return on our assets by establishing, implementing, and managing the funding strategies for our organization’s borrowing and currency/interest rate hedging operations.