About Us

SEKISUI America Corporation (SAC) is the North America regional headquarters of SEKISUI Chemical located in Japan.

Comprised of ten companies, SAC is focused on providing solutions that help people overcome today’s challenges while fueling the world for a better tomorrow. We promote professional and personal development that are reinforced by our commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equality. Because of these values, we bring carefully considered benefits to the market.

For example:

  • Manufacturing solutions that reduce weight, fuel consumption, and wear and tear, all to help conserve resources.
  • Our healthcare companies are involved in early-phase clinical evaluations and trials as well as early-stage diagnostic testing. These efforts help manufacturing companies refine drug compounds faster, reducing the chances of toxic effects on the body. Faster diagnosis leads to quicker treatment and accelerated recovery time.
  • Environment-focused practices help protect our natural resources, significantly reduce the environmental impact of maintenance, and lower rehabilitation costs.