EH&S: Strengthening Through Constant Improvement

At SEKISUI America Corporation, we recognize that manufacturing development starts with quality. By continually encouraging feedback from customers and minimizing waste, we reduce costs, decrease defects, and produce better products.

Advancement Through Training and KAIZEN

We continue to improve management techniques and foster product innovations by conducting annual presentations that promote the KAIZEN (Japanese for “improvement”) philosophy. During small group KAIZEN activities held at each workplace, employees discuss how to make improvements in product quality as well as production and operational efficiency. Annual meetings are held in North America — and around the world — to share results in each workplace and improve how each workplace conducts business.

A New System for Manufacturing Education

In the areas of training related to manufacturing, SEKISUI America Corporation has implemented various programs to foster learning and evaluation skills of full-time employees in the areas of quality control, industrial engineering, value engineering, and quality engineering.