The History of SEKISUI North America

We are proud to be the first Japanese manufacturer to operate in North America.

We started in Pennsylvania in April 1963, when the SEKISUI Plastics Corporation began operations as the first Japanese manufacturer in North America. Since then, we have grown to include ten individual companies. We continue to honor our parent company’s story by building a rich history based on its solid foundation.


AIM Aerospace, based in Renton, WA,  joins SEKISUI America Corporation, becoming SEKISUI Aerospace.


SEKISUI Chemical celebrates being in business for 70 years on March 3.


SEKISUI America Corporation celebrates 50 years of operation in North America.


SEKISUI Diagnostics is formed as an affiliate of SEKISUI Medical Co., Ltd.


Global manufacturer and supplier of Polyvinyl Alcohol products, SEKISUI Specialty Chemicals America, LLC, is added to SEKISUI America Corporation.


XenoTech adds its focused expertise on biotransformation and preclinical development consulting to the broad range of pharmaceutical development services offered by SEKISUI.


Allen Extruders, LLC is acquired, bringing its legacy of superior quality and service as a high-quality thermoplastics manufacturer.


SEKISUI SPR Americas, LLC opens operations in North America and begins its rapid growth in underground infrastructure.


SEKISUI Products, LLC is formed and begins importing high performance plastic products to North America from Japan.


SEKISUI S-LEC joins the company, adding its 40+ years of experience in glass interlayer technology.


KYDEX, LLC adds its specialty in thermoplastic sheet design and manufacturing to the SEKISUI family.


SEKISUI America Corporation is established to support each company in North America with reliable resources and assets.


SEKISUI S-LEC Mexico opens its operations in Mexico and begins providing glass interlayer technology to Latin America.


SEKISUI Voltek begins providing innovative, cutting-edge solutions for several industries, including transportation, healthcare, construction, tapes, and more.


SEKISUI Plastics Corporation becomes the first Japanese manufacturer to operate in North America.