Community Volunteerism: Proactively Working to Contribute to the Environment and Society

SEKISUI Chemical Group contributes to the environment and society through activities in the areas of the environment, the next generation, and local communities. We position these activities as a hallmark of our initiatives as a corporate citizen in tune with the needs of society, and we support the activities of Group employees to give back to society.


SEKISUI Chemical Group and its employees endeavor to conserve the natural environment in various regions around the world. We do this with the intention of realizing a world with biodiversity maintained, as stated in the SEKISUI Environment Sustainability Vision 2030.

Principal activities:

  • SEKISUI Environment Week
  • Cleaning of station areas in New Delhi, India
  • Collaboration with NPO to rehabilitate Yatsuda area
  • Natural environment field trips for children in their communities

Next Generation

We intend to help create communities where children can lead healthy lives and become future leaders, and so we provide opportunities for middle and high school students to participate in classroom activities and field trips that are highly relevant to business. These opportunities include research on manufacturing based on innovations inspired by nature.

Principal activities:

  • Houses and the environment learning program
  • Science lesson
  • Science classroom
  • Innovations inspired by nature research support program

Local Communities

With the aim of creating safe and secure cities, SEKISUI Chemical Group participates in social contribution activities. We focus on programs that assist developing countries and on collaboration with local communities. As a corporate citizen, our goal is to help create a sustainable society.

Principal activities:

  • Improving civic order in regions
  • Table for Two
  • Book Magic
  • Heart+Action