Contributing to Society Through Our Business Activities

SEKISUI Chemical was one of the first global organizations to align business operations around corporate social responsibility (CSR). We place considerable emphasis on balancing social and corporate values. With this in mind, we have positioned our CSR “Three Prominences” as the environment, customer service and quality, and human resources.

Our CSR initiatives give our employees the opportunity to donate their time to various socially minded activities, including environmental causes and events, investing in the next generation through the education and tutoring of children, and local community improvement programs. Through personal time allowances and organized corporate events, employees are encouraged to give back to their local communities.

2023 Global 100

SEKISUI Chemical has been selected as one of the 2023 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the world. The company has made the list eight times, including the last six consecutive years. Global 100 is an index created and maintained by Canadian company, Corporate Knights Inc. It selects the major companies around the world from all sectors (approximately 6,700 companies in 2023), based on rigorous assessment of corporate sustainability performance from various perspectives such as environment, society, and governance (ESG), and ranks the top 100 companies.

The 2023 Global 100 was announced on January 18, 2023 at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (Davos Annual Meeting) held in Davos, Switzerland (from January 16 to 20, 2023).

SEKISUI CHEMICAL was recognized for achievements in multiple evaluation criteria this year, including sustainable revenue*, sustainable investment (capital expenditure and R&D), and sustainability pay link.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has actively worked to solve social issues such as climate change issues. In 2018, we became the first company in the chemical sector to obtain SBT certification. In 2022, a new target was set for the GHG emission reduction rate by 2030, and we are accelerating our efforts. In terms of business, the housing business and plastics-related business will help contribute to solving climate change issues by reducing CO2 emissions in daily livelihood, the infrastructure business will contribute to solving water risks such as natural disasters that are becoming more severe, and the medical business will contribute to improving people’s health and enjoying fuller lives.

Under the long-term vision “Vision 2030”, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has identified its vision statement “Innovation for the Earth”, which incorporates the Group’s commitment to drive continuous innovation as a means of supporting the basis of life and continuing to create peace of mind for the future in order to realize a sustainable society.

Through business growth and reform, and creating new business centered on ESG management, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group aims to realize both a sustainable society and sustainable growth of the Group itself, contribute to further solving social issues, and promote initiatives to remain a company that continues to be trusted by all of our stakeholders.

SHIFT 2019 -Fusion-

The SEKISUI Chemical Group is working on its midterm management plan, “SHIFT 2019 -Fusion-” (from fiscal 2017 to fiscal 2019) as the first step toward a new phase of growth. The “S” in SHIFT stands for sustainable, and the Group is pushing to establish a sustainable business base from the viewpoint of ESG.

The SEKISUI Chemical Group will continue to improve the lives of the people around the world, protect the Earth’s environment, and contribute toward the sustainable growth of society.

In addition to the Global 100, we are proud to be included on several other prestigious indexes, including:

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
FTSE4Good Index
Ethibel Pioneer and Excellence Investment Register
RobecoSAM Sustainability Award


Future sustainability begins with environmental leadership. That’s why we build our business growth around delivering products that have minimal impact on the environment and contribute to the prevention of global warming, the preservation of biological diversity, and the development of a sound material-cycle society.

Customer Satisfaction and Quality

“We consider a customer’s feedback as the beginning of our manufacturing.”

Our motto is a prime example of how we value the opinions of the people we serve. Our goal is to progress and grow with our customers by constantly delivering value so that they continue to choose our products and services. This invaluable feedback is not only essential for improving the quality of our products and manufacturing services, but it is also essential for improving our people and manufacturing systems.

Human Resources

Fostering a diverse workforce allows us to take advantage of the values and experiences they have—giving our employees opportunity to thrive and grow professionally by contributing to our business locally and abroad. As globalization increases, SEKISUI America Corporation is poised for continued leadership in this category.