Environmental Leadership

Preserving our environment for future generations is critical to a sustainable future. We focus on manufacturing techniques that are environmentally sound, create products that contribute to improving lives, and maintain the natural balance of our earth.

Our commitment to the environment is an important part of our corporate vision. SEKISUI Chemical is firmly committed to reducing its environmental impact and to protecting the natural environment, including biodiversity.

Commitment to Giving Back

As a global leader in the chemical industry, we place the environment at the very center of our management priorities. Since 1967, we have focused company-wide initiatives to pay back the natural resources and capital we use.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group organized the “Global Children’s Eco Summit 2017” for seven days from July 31 to August 6 to commemorate 70 years since the founding of the company. A total of 47 children of group company employees from 13 countries around the world were invited to participate in a variety of environment related programs. The main theme was “What we can do for the future”. From a perspective unique to children, they grasped what the future should be like and thought about what they can do for the future in order to pass on our gradually vanishing natural environment to the next generation.

During the summit, the children learned about the global issues we are facing today, and also understood the importance of preserving the natural environment by observing tidelands and examining living things. In addition, they learned about local environmental contribution activities in the areas where SEKISUI’s Japan sites operate independently, and they looked for hints about what they can do for the future. The children had group discussions based on these experiences, and on the final day, they presented their declarations for efforts from the standpoint of children, and proposals for adults. In response to the suggestions from the children, President Koge declared his intention to promote environment education for the next generation globally with the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group.