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Creating Opportunities Through Collaboration And Training.

At Sekisui America Corporation, we work closely with our Group companies to discuss and develop common HR programs aimed to help our Groups with the support they need to grow their respective businesses with the utmost respect and honor to those that work for the company. Additionally, these programs help to create synergies and opportunities that are difficult to establish within the individual businesses.

Job Posting System

Our system for sharing job openings within the company allows employees to view open positions and apply for them. This shows our commitment for career growth with our employees.

Cross-Culture Training

As we move into the future, we will continue to grow more diverse as an organization. Recognizing the need to better integrate the many cultures of our Group companies with that of our parent, we’ve established a special training program that facilitates an appreciation for the histories and backgrounds of different cultures.

Policy Management Training

It is important that employees properly implement plans in accordance with policies and draft plans for the next period, so they can work together toward the same goals. Policy management training is conducted at Group companies to share information about the fundamentals of policy management and deployment, the organization, and procedures.

Leadership Training

We provide Senior Managers with specialized training that gives them the tools and practical insights they need to be successful leaders. During training, Senior Managers learn about our human resource philosophy, take part in team-building exercises, acquire skills to build trust, and learn how to delegate and motivate team members. We conduct 360-degree feedback surveys to provide individual managers with valuable feedback to guide their personal development as leaders.

In addition, as a company with deep roots in Japan, we conduct managerial training that helps our Japanese employees learn the difference between American and Japanese management techniques and laws. This training allows them to embrace American business practices and serves as an integral role in helping our organization achieve its long-term goals in North America.

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