Environment Week
Environment Week Video 

Contributing to society through our business activities.

Sekisui Environment Sustainability Vision 2030 

Enhancing people’s lives and enriching Earth’s environment.

Environment Week 2016 

Images from New York City – Central Park.

Environment Week

Our Commitment to the Environment Serves a Greater Good.

As a global leader in the chemical industry, we place the environment at the very center of our management priorities. Since 1967, we have focused company-wide initiatives to pay back the natural resources and capital we use.

At the Global Children’s ECO Summit in 2012, the President of Sekisui Chemical made a company-wide declaration supporting an annual, company-wide “Sekisui Environment Week,” and the presentation of a “Greenest Person” award to a deserving employee each year.

Our hands-on participation includes projects in countries around the world

2012 Japan: Environment Week Kick-off Event in Kyoto hosts the first
                     Global Children’s Eco Summit.

2013 Thailand: A large Mangrove planting

2014 China: A reforesting event on Mt. Yuping

2015 Germany: The EU ECO Summit at Lake Constance gives employees’ children
                           opportunities to experience, learn and talk about nature.

Worldwide, more than 19,000 employees in 15 countries have participated in related activities to where they call home. In 2016, our premier event is in the North American region at New York City’s, Central Park.