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Sekisui Chemical Group Celebrated Its 70th Anniversary

On March 3, 2017, Sekisui Chemical Group celebrated its 70th Anniversary. From a single plastics manufacturing plant to a $12 billion global chemical and manufacturing company, Sekisui Chemical continues to be a corporate leader in key industries and a strong advocate for environmental issues. The Japanese company was founded as a general plastics manufacturing business in March 1947 as "Sekisui Inc." Early success led to the Nara plant opening, which included the first plastic automatic injection molding business in Japan.

Throughout the 1950s, the company continued to expand with new products, technologies and facilities. In April 1963, then "Sekisui Plastics Corporation" became the first Japanese company to open a manufacturing facility in the United States.

Over the next four decades, the company charted growth in new technologies and established a presence around the world. In that time, Sekisui Chemical has been a leader in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives while strongly supporting a number of environmental causes. This aspect has become an integral part of the company.

On March 3, Sekisui Chemical Group companies around the world marked this significant milestone with celebrations and memorials and embraced progress toward the next stage of growth and advancement.